Ashley Mielke

Ashley Hoogenberg
Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® - Trainer - Canada
Ashley is a Registered Psychologist and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She is also the Owner and Director of The Grief & Trauma Healing Centre Inc., where she leads a team of heart-centred, compassionate psychologists who specialize in Grief Recovery®. Ashley has a strong mission to empower others to move beyond suffering and discover their true potential and purpose in life.
Ashley’s educational background includes a Master of Science in Marital and Family Therapy from Loma Linda University, California and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Concordia University of Edmonton.
Having experienced painful and life-altering losses in her life, including the death of her father, Ashley has a deep compassion and empathy for the mass of emotions that grievers often experience following a loss.
Ashley did not pursue a specialization in Grief Recovery® as a result of her academic or clinical training; it was because she was broken-hearted, and like a majority of others, was ill-equipped to deal with it. By courageously taking the actions of The Grief Recovery Method®, Ashley learned how to complete relationships in her life that ended or changed. Through her own healing, she developed an overwhelming desire to help others move beyond the pain, isolation, and loneliness caused by loss.